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April 12, 2017

10:00 am- 8:00 pm


Che Café

9500 Gilman Dr.

La Jolla, CA 92037


10:00  - 10:15 AM

Tactical Universe/cities


"The world of the future will be a tighter and tighter struggle against the limits of our intelligence", stated Norbert Wiener. We are now between the university of disaster at the limits empire and tactical universe/cities flow in the undercommons. One bound to the accelerations and incarcerations and the other an anti-anti utopian exo-space where everything slows down. What can we teach between these two conditions to create or touch the geodiversity of unbound questions. Tactical universe/cities are deep time questions or gestures without answers or too many answers that push against the limits of prefabricated knowledge.



10:30 - 11:15 AM

How to have a good idea


Visual culture is severely always both underrepresented and exploited by commercial forces. More and more, it seems like good ideas are being ignored on both sides of the game. The "ultra-enlightened" with the most access & the most knowledge and the underground with only their grit and ingenuity. Both settle for sticking the the script. VAV Club, is a good idea. A livestream broadcast of video art old & new, music videos and experimental images from around the world. This event will be an example of "project-in-practice", now that viewers have a basic understanding of the project, they can tune in live at to see it in action! 



10:00 - 12:00 / 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Siluetas (1973-8/2017)


Ana Mendieta’s Siluetas series (1973-8) is comprised of photographs and video that document female silhouettes that have been drawn, burnt, and buried into the woods, riverbeds, and deserts of Iowa and Oaxaca México. While each image is distinguishable from the next, the repetition of a horizontal, abject body, made yet distinct from the earth, visualizes Mendieta’s constant search for belonging, for a place that feels like home, when one does not have access to it. This workshop will consist of two parts. In the morning, we will look at and discuss the material and aesthetic logics of the Siluetas. In the afternoon, we will regroup to produce our own versions, extending Mendieta’s constantly failed search to the present, to our own bodies.


While drop-ins are welcome, please RSVP to with your name and the workshop title, if you are planning to attend this workshop to ensure we have enough materials.



11:00 - 11:45 / 12:00 - 2:00 PM

Transborder Zine Workshop


The Transborder Index Zine Workshop aims to help you activate and train your transborder imagination through a craft-based visual approach. For border crossers of all different levels, this workshop meets you where you're situated in relation to geopolitical and conceptual borders, encouraging you to explore your complex relationship with these political and social constructions through art. The Tijuana-San Diego border is a critical social construct to understanding the role of our privilege as "First-World" neighbors to the North, yet virtually ignored by the majority of most San Diegans. This workshop seeks to contribute to a deepening of the individual relationships people form with and across borders in their local spaces.


From 11-11:45 registration is suggested, please RSVP to with your name and the workshop title, 12-2:00 a drop-in workshop will be held.



11:45 - 2:00 PM

Rheology Lab


Rheology Lab is a theoretico-practical workshop that explores the material configuration of heritage. Starting from a discussion on the concept of Deep Time, the workshop will conflate narrative processes by which material heritage becomes identified while acquiring identity. In so doing, the workshop’s aim is to relocate the concept of rheology (the study of the flow of matter) within a field composed of philosophical, scientific and artistic objects. In parallel, the workshop will develop a collaborative practical session where participants will produce encapsulate powdered dust extracted from Mexican heritage buildings.


While drop-ins are welcome, please RSVP to with your name and the workshop title, if you are planning to attend this workshop to ensure we have enough materials.



12:00 – 12:45 PM

Art and Participation: A vehicle for social justice




12:30 – 2:30 PM

Deep Intuition


Creating work and life from a place of deep intuition can feel relaxing, nourishing, and simple. The sense of ease stands in stark contrast to the myth of the tortured artist and is a model of creation that maximizes a sense of peace for the practitioner. Our intuition might be informed by our ancestors, the earth, our blood memory (DNA), the water in our bodies, our legacies of survival, the instinct of our deepest and highest selves as creators. This 2-hour workshop will lead participants through breathing, movement, and meditative methodologies for accessing that deep place of peace and knowing the self in relation to the world. It's recommended to bring a sketchbook and pen or pencil to write/draw one's reflections afterwards. No previous sense of intuition necessary to move through these exercises.



12:45 – 1:00 PM

Post-Studio in situ




1:30 - 1:50 PM

Ask Me Anything: Reading Intersections of Drawing, Performance, and Poetry


Ask Me Anything is deconstructed research paper and presentation that asks, what is the mark of embodiment? The project traces the development of the energetic mark of the body. AMA looks at prehistoric drawings found on walls of caves in France, analysis of Bataille's "limit experience," to Henri Michaux's kinetic alphabets and 'disastrous poetry.' In a manner of dealing with images (or are they signs?) of text, AMA provides historical analysis of pictorial space, grids and formal page structuring, and an argument for contemporary dance as a primary mode of formal resistance.



2:15 - 3:30 PM

Deep Throat University: Against Assimilation: Deception: The Value of being Poorly Educated


This performative presentation and discussion will confront issues around the value systems of credentialing and assimilation, specifically in consideration of various positions of disenfranchised peoples. As a counter strategy, we will consider deception as a starting point for a group discussion of how to create livable strategies for dealing with how power works in emotional lives and academic systems that do not support all subjectivities and bodies.



2:30 - 5:15 PM

UNDEFEATED: Difference, Bias and Dialogue


Some of us are scared, some angry, some moved towards change. Dorit Cypis will guide participants through skills to help us move past discord together. We are undefeated if we are willing to move beyond fixed positions, explore skills to deeply recognize our differences, assess our bias, ask questions of one another and dialogue towards embodied change.


This program will explore:

Somatic reflection to ground

Movement through space to locate

Dynamic listening to hear difference

Bias awareness to recognize resistance

Dialogue to explore possibility


Registration is required, to RSVP please email with your name and the workshop title. Some drop-in space may be available.



3:00– 6:00 PM

Culture Wedge: Tactility & Position: Micro-Grant Incubator


Living in a time that culture’s equity is consistently, questioned, devalued and exchanged for less than desirable forms. And in a time when systems for supporting artists are eroding, let’s work together to create new strategies for supporting one another. Through this workshop we will fabricate wedges, as door stops in clay. Once glazed and fired they will be sold online as a means for funding a micro-granting organization, supporting artist of overlooked communities and publics.

As we are a fluid and self organizing community for the betterment of people with undervalued skills, histories, and perspectives, we seek to mobilize and energise those who are pressed further towards precarity. These wedges/door stops symbolically keep the space open with their mere presence. Deep Time University hosts the inaugural workshop for this project, with future workshops taking place where and when needed. The next one will happen in Jackson, WY in the month of August.



3:15– 4:15 PM

Collaboration and Radical Empathy


Michael Trigilio will discuss collaboration as a practical hands-on tactic that allow makers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines to find common cause putting their hands/minds into production. In collaboration we stop being “first” or “right,” and start encountering each other in an activation of a radical empathy. Attendees will participate in an experiential collaborative project connected to memory and speculation. 



4:00 – 5:00 PM

Accentless (In the sense of not being influenced by one's first language)


Stereotyped, being misunderstood, incorrectly perceived, and thought of as incompetent are some of complications of speaking English with a “foreign” accent. For a period of one hour, Cano will invite the audience to teach her the correct pronunciation of words. The performance will be recorded, focusing on the artist's face.



4:00 – 5:00 PM

Leveraging Psychographics for Guiding Narratives


A presentation by Advanced Social Engineering Group explores the trajectory of the social media landscape and the strategies employed to guide social narratives by both entrepreneurial artists and marketing entities alike.



4:45 - 5:15 PM

Translation Remarks


Translation Remarks is a research paper and presentation whose subject is speech and archaeology of language, translating the inexplicable, listening and liminal space. The object of study is the 1979 record "Ratio-Kondito Gespräch" by artists Dieter Roth and Arnulf Rainer. "Ratio-Kondito Gespräch" is a recording of Roth and Rainer in casual conversation about an upcoming art exhibition. Their dialogue unwinds into slurred and destabilized patterns of speech. Translation Remarks is a research paper, presenting the German-English translation of Roth and Rainer's "Ratio-Kondito Gespräch," along with deep analysis of the record's forms of speech. 



5:15 - 5:30 PM

Waiting for the YA Drop


"Waiting for the YA Drop" is an informative-performance regarding the elite extreme music label, Youth Attack, known for it's legendary line-up, elusive creator, and high-quality releases. No posers allowed.



5:30 – 6:15 PM



A live video/audio remix performance by neøjinx, a multimedia project that meditates on appropriation and nostalgia.



5:45 – 6:45 PM

Empathy is for Everybody




6:30 - 7:15 PM


Music and video performance.



7:30 - 8:15 PM

Black Arts Collective presents PRO


Music performance.




Black Arts Collective screening


This is a collection of short films that explore and weave together themes of love, power, identity, violence, racism, and blurred traumatic memories. This is patiently accomplished through the manipulation of time, gestures of the body, and the bending of image and sound. 




Deadhorse Scavenger


Deadhorse Bay is an area on the outskirts of Brooklyn, New York. The area has gone through many transformations. This location is a site where garbage had been disposed to create a landfill. I have started my scavenging using the help of a metal detector. This has helped me understand the behavior towards the environment and our relationship between waste and landscape.




Collective Art Intelligence


Collective Art Intelligence is an analysis of how my MFA community leveraged my work, and helped me build a healthy art community outside school.




Tracings: MCASD


Tracings is an ongoing series of digital drawings exploring museum collections and digital archive practices, which take the form of coloring books. By redrawing the museums digital collections Tracings uncovers the institutions quiet limits- lines of disparity appear by gender, ethnicity, medium, region, donor, and what is digitized.  Tracings: MCASD focuses on the first 400 objects (of their over 4,700 works) that populated the Museums digital archive.




Homage to Bartlett


This project is in the tradition of artists paying tribute to their influences. We use the word 'homage' lightly now, but in the medieval period it acknowledged a form of allegiance that was secured by oaths. So there is an underlying requirement of being true to a trust, which in contemporary terms translates into the necessity of being honest about all the debts one’s own work owes to others. In my earliest years as an artist, Jennifer Bartlett's work was a major inspiration, and this project traces some of the ways she became woven into my work and thought. This is not the kind of gift one can return directly; instead it is refracted onwards through visual and written offerings.




Who Sings The Nation-State? 


Within her video work, Ariannia investigates nationalist modes of belonging, taking into account the diverse communities that shape the American nation-state. In a new video, Ariannia reimagines a scene from the 1933 film Zéro de Conduite by Jean Vigo, once banned in France for promoting rebellion, to comment on today’s current political climate. Girls from immigrant families and diverse backgrounds defiantly stand up to authority and injustice in Ariannia’s video, enacting the power and promise of youth resistance. Herein, her practice reveals the paradoxes of existing between political realities, a dichotomy the artist often filters through an unexpectedly playful lens tied to her childhood.



ALL DAY /  11:30 - 11:45 AM / 5:30 - 6:00 PM

Do Art Professors Believe in Capitalism?


Former students of Victoria Fu's from University of San Diego and American University were asked to submit short videos addressing the questions provided by Deep Time University:

What should the university teach you?

What are you glad it taught you?

What did you learn?

What do/did you want to learn?

What do/did you need to learn?

What do/did you need to know to survive now?



Lawrence Chit

Lawrence Chit

Black Arts Collective

Black Arts Collective

Kim Zumpfe

Kim Zumpfe

Claudia Cano

Claudia Cano

Chelsea Rector

Chelsea Rector

Ricardo Dominguez

Ricardo Dominguez

Sara Solaimani

Sara Solaimani

Dorit Cypus

Dorit Cypus

Trevor Amery and Ian Meares

Trevor Amery and Ian Meares

Sarita Dougherty

Sarita Dougherty

Artemisa Clark

Artemisa Clark

Cris Scorza

Cris Scorza

Javier Rameriez

Javier Rameriez

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