“Oikeio ̄sis” is an installation composed of several objects: “Meanwhile” (a photograph), “will you wait for me” (a slide show), “A Journey into the Jungle” (a video), “Siendo Dado” (a peep show), “The Fountain” (a water feature), and “The Internet, you and I” (a collection of zines).  Through this constellation of things Ano contemplates relationships between us and them, the provincial and cosmopolitan, the real and virtual, terror and beauty.


Michael Ano’s “oikeio ̄sis” is a meditation around spaces of affinity, intimacy and the sentimental. It asks why we go into the jungle, and what are we looking for: treasure, love, mystics, the unknown, and the real? Ano’s “oikeio ̄sis” does not propose any solutions, it does not provide a consistent perspective, it drifts between orientations, and meanders through the gradients of green and brown.  It is an exploration, mediation, reflection, thinking on, back and around the space of the jungle, the unknown, the intimate, the uncanny, and the terrible.  This jungle is the same as every jungle and the same as the jungle I find myself in and you find yourself in.  The unknown creeps around the corner, and the familiar withdraws further away.