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14 hours from Tempe is a journey across the Southwestern United States. The road trip is the 2nd scene in the 1st act from a play entitled, The Beating of a Beautiful Woman. 


The play explores a new process of production based in the creation of self-evolving narratives. Each scene is based upon a series of directions conceived to manipulate the performer’s interaction with the world.  These directions are an attempt to evoke communal memories within the performers that will be revealed through the works that they produce. 


Utilizing the language of film and performance, I seek to extract emotions from personal memory to blur the line between reality and fiction.  The ambiguity of emotion allows the viewer to relate to the work and aid in the unfolding of the narrative.  Through these narratives, will explore modes of experience, perception, and audience mediation.


The road trip consisted of four artists, (Michael Ano, Gaby Arreola, Helia Rabie, and Dave G), producing various forms of documentation including photographs, drawings, text, paintings, video and audio recordings.  The installation will also include artifacts from the road trip, which will be installed in the style of an anthropological museum.


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