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The University has the potential for multi-generational, undergraduates, graduates and faculty to think beyond current learning models as the basis of human knowledge and creativity. But often it is the day to day, bureaucratic and administrative needs of the University and its systems that forge what can and cannot be done, what is possible. 


We believe there aren’t enough opportunities that facilitate and highlight significant interactions between graduate and undergraduate research on the UCSD campus. Sure, there is the TA-Student interactions in discussion section and the Professor-TA-Student relationships in lecture halls, but these interchanges can be limited, rife with power insecurities, and most importantly they often do not extend beyond the classroom...but it could and should and it often does! What if we framed this informal mentorship exchange that takes place all of the time between grads, undergrads and faculty but often goes unrecognized or unnoticed? Could a culture of mentorship be cultivated? What if there were even more platforms for graduate students and under-graduate students to collaborate, connect, and co-learn from one another’s practice?


3 x 3 is an ongoing exhibition and performance series that that explores and fosters graduate/undergraduate research and mentorship housed within the ARTifact gallery in the Culture, Art and Technology Program. Six weeks ago each graduate participant selected an undergraduate student to partake in a month long mentorship research project. The results from the pairs are as diverse as their own unique approaches to mentoring. Participants in 3 x 3 #1 are Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Human Biology, ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts) Music and Art History grads and undergrads. 


The results of the paired interactions vary from drawn diagrams that connect mutual conceptual concerns to interviews conducted on one another. There 

are individual and collaborative artworks mounted within the gallery space and there will be cross-genre, collaborative performances the evening of the 

reading series.


-Michael Ano and Ash Eliza-Smith

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